What our clients say

Jim Loftus, CEO, WBEB, (More-FM) Philadelphia

"Gary has the best "ear" in the business. He's an extraordinary resource for us at WBEB. There's no one better to have on your team!"  

Jim Shea, CEO, Mapleton Communications

"Gary works with Mapleton's AC and Classic Hits formats. Always achieving higher ratings. He is very effective working with our program directors. Trust is important to me. That's why Gary Berkowitz is our AC and Classic Hits consultant." 

Tom Quinn, CEO, Americom Broadcasting

“Hiring you is one of the smartest things I’ve done, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help. Please keep arguing with me when I’m wrong, or when you think another point of view should be considered. AC KRNO and Classic Hits KODS would be far less successful stations without your integrity, intelligence and skillful guidance.”

Brian Figula, Program Director, KOIT San Francisco

"There's no one more passionate about the AC format than Gary. Turn on any one of Gary's station Gary works with and you'll hear his investment into the product: discipline, direction, excitement and character. Hire Gary and get Gary every time you pick up the phone."

Jay Meyers, Broadcast Management and Technology ​​

"If you need to fix your car, take it to the best mechanic there is. If you have to have shoulder surgery, get the best shoulder surgeon there is. 

If you need help with an AC radio station, get the best AC consultant there is. The one who specializes in one thing, AC radio, my friend of almost 30 years Gary Berkowitz."

Rick Shockley, Program Director, WINK-FM, Ft. Myers

“Gary Berkowitz is the best consultant I’ve ever worked with. He’s smart, always accessible, objective, passionate, and extremely supportive. I’m thankful every day that we have Gary as part of our team! And he doesn’t even charge us for the sessions he provides as “station shrink.”