The Berkowitz Difference: AC is my only format

Working together is simple


I work with radio stations to improve programming and ratings. For over 27 years, I have been involved with some of radio’s biggest success stories.

The first step is in-depth listening to learn about your operation. The market. Your competition. The airstaff. What types of research you are doing. The next step is monitoring your station and the market. Then it’s on to a complete analysis of your current ratings data. When that is complete, I will present you with recommendations and an action plan. 

What is your style when working with us?

Collaboration and team building. I see myself as a coach and work with your people in that style. My strong, positive belief in radio will be shared throughout your organization. 

The Diffference is you get Gary Berkowitz


Once we sign up, who will our consultant be?

"When you hire Gary Berkowitz, you get Gary Berkowitz." There are no associates or "second stringers" 

We've worked with consultants who basically told us "what we wanted to hear". Tell me about that?

Providing "straight talking advice and solutions" to my clients is a priority. You can always depend on an honest opinion when it comes to your business. 

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We don't have a budget....


If this is the only reason you have not called, we should talk. Lets design a program that will work for you.