Priority ONE: Improved Ratings

The "Berkowitz Difference" brings added value to your station


Gary Berkowitz consults the most successful AC stations in the country. From Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Salt Lake City, to smaller markets like Spokane and Merced, Gary helps radio stations increase ratings and sound better. 

From WBEB (More-FM) Philadelphia, Magic 106.7 in Boston to Now 97.9 (KBZN) Salt Lake City as well as AC leaders including Fresh 102.7, New York,  KEZK, St. Louis, WRCH, Hartford, WEAT, West Palm Beach & WINK-FM, Ft. Myers. Leading broadcasters across North America trust my decades of multi-format experience to design, guide and oversee their on air product.

"When you hire Gary Berkowitz, you get Gary Berkowitz." When you hire Gary, you get Gary. No associates. No second stringers. 

Stations consulted by Gary Berkowitz win. Contact me today for a no obligation, confidential discussion about your station. I will provide a no commitment assessment of your station and a market competitive. 

Budget concerns?  Contact me. If you're interested, we'll find a way to make it work.  

A 100% commitment to your stations success

The first step is to evaluate the programming and marketing strategy based on your market. Then, together  we work on the necessary product parts one by one. My services include (but are not limited to) On air talent, morning show coaching and development, positioning, music library,  clock building, station voice, imaging liners, music scheduling software, station voice, and new media-digital strategy. 

All Size Markets. Easy Access to Gary

Whether you're a major, medium or a small market, when you're a client, you're a major market to Gary. You will have unlimited phone availability 7 days a week. Phone calls are returned within 24 hours if not sooner including weekends and holidays.

Market Visits

In-market visits are included with retainer client packages. Need a one-time in market programming evaluation? Call for more information. All market visits are followed up with a detailed written report. 


Current, Re-Current and gold based libraries are designed. Weekly calls are conducted with the program director to review and update play-lists, discuss new music as well review all programming elements on the station. These are one on one meetings with your program director. Need daily music logs generated and delivered? Call for more info. 


We work with you to plan, and get the most cost-effective marketing plans that could include television, outdoor, tele-marketing, direct mail, or database campaigns. We also work closely with stations to develop and maintain loyal listener database systems. 

100% focus on your product


Gary advises both programming and sales promotions. Frequent reviews are conducted to cover new or “spur of the moment” opportunities that pop up. At your request, I will work with your sales

managers to create programs for clients who require “added value” promotions with their spot schedules. Yes, there is a way to turn "added value promotions" to win-win for both sales and programming.

Talent Bank

We are prepared to assist when looking for on air talent. We can conduct an open or confidential search for qualified candidates. 


Along with your research firm we work to execute the strategic plan. Doing focus groups? Gary will work with you to recruit and moderate these panels.   


Improved 25-54 ratings for your station is the bottom line. Put the Berkowitz "difference" on your team.  Documented rating success. Experience & success in all size markets. All work done by Gary Berkowitz. No associates. No “second stringers” Leading industry references. Call Gary today for a confidential, no obligation discussion of your station. 

Satisfied Clients Say It Best....

Tom Quinn, CEO, Americom Broadcasting, Reno, NV

“Hiring you is one of the smartest things I’ve done, and I want you to

know how much I appreciate all your help. Please keep arguing with me

when I’m wrong, or when you think another point of view should be

considered. KRNO would be a far less successful station without your

integrity, intelligence and skillful guidance.”