improved Ratings = IMPROVED Revenues


Philadelphia's B 101.1 is regarded as one of the most successful AC stations in America. Along with Jerry Lee Radio's Chuck Knight, Jim Loftus and Jay Meyers, WBEB was always on top of the 25-54 ratings in this fiercely competitive Top 10 market.  


​Boston’s Magic 106.7 is one of America’s most successful AC stations. Today, Magic continues to lead the ratings in Boston. Greater Media CEO Peter Smyth says “I trust that Gary will always do what is right for my radio stations. That’s why he was on the 

Greater Media team for over 18 years."


Now 97.9 is a consistent 25-54 ratings leader in the crowded Salt Lake City market. Under the leadership of GM Matt Webb and Operations Manager Rob Riesen, KBZN proves that a consistent and superior product is the winning combination.   


K-Wave is a west coast ratings winner. Book after book, they are the #1 AC radio station in the highly competitive Monterrey, California marketplace. 


In Reno, book after book, KRNO-FM holds a top ratings position both 12+ and 25-54. This heritage AC under the guidance and leadership of PD Dan Fritz made the transition from Sunny 106.9 to More-FM and has never looked back! Today's AC leader in 

Reno is 106.9 More-FM. 


Yes, Gary is known for AC but he also works for Classic Hits stations. Just look at WWEG-FM. There's a lot of radio in the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area. Eagle has carved out a leading position thanks to the dedication & focus of Manning Media CEO, Fred Manning and his fabulous local staff. When it comes to ratings, The Eagle is "Soaring" 

A Trusted Partner.....


"Gary works with Mapleton's AC and Classic Hits formats. Always achieving higher ratings. He is very effective working with our program directors. Trust is important to me. I trust Gary's guidance for my stations. That's why Gary Berkowitz is our AC and Classic Hits consultant."  

Jim Shea


Mapleton Communications

Monterrey, California